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Smooshie Faces Pet Services offer’s pet sitting (Inside or outside), full time dog walking on or off leash, beach walks, dog park trips, transport, play time, vet visits, care of elderly and special needs pets, cats, fish, reptiles, birds and small animals. We service Cairns, Queensland caring for pets when owners are going away or are just too busy. Dont worry about you pets while you are away or at work, we are passionate about all pets and will take care of yours as if they are our own!


All our carers are Insured for your peace of mind

If your going away or are at work and unable to take your fur baby why not leave them at home where they feel safe in familiar surroundings? we all know boarding kennels and catteries are often expensive and can be a lonely place for animals. Animals are creatures of habit and follow similar daily routines. So your pet can continue his or her normal daily adventures without disruption, let us visit your pet at home however many times that is required and take care of them!

paw shakes and belly rubs on the house!!



Per home visit we can


Change water

Wash bowls

Litter changes/poo clean up

Feed animals

Regular updates if wanted

Exercise (throw ball, sticks)


Brush coats

Administer basic meds


Of course providing all natural treats (with owners permission), pat’s, love and cuddles! So you can holiday or work with peace of mind knowing your pet is happy and stress free!

Leave the care up to us! we will visit your beloved pet and take care of all their needs!




We can do security checks

Alternating lights on and off
Opening/ closing curtains and blinds
Bring in your mail, water plants
Take your bins in and out


Dog Walking

Regular exercise plays an important role in improving the physical fitness and overall well being of your dog. Why is it so important to walk your dog? Many dog owners are so busy, it’s hard enough to fit in potty time, feeding time and snuggle time. Yet, without daily walking, dogs become anxious and are prone to develop behaviour problems. Exercise (walking) is the most important part of a dog’s health. In the wild, dogs roam for miles every day and that natural instinct to roam is still present in all dogs — even yours. All dogs have different levels of energy — but even dogs with the lowest amount of energy need at least a 1/2 hour of continuous exercise a day, most experts agree. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Through regular walking, many behaviour issues can begin to be resolved — after a long walk, your dog is in a calm state of mind and is more receptive to training and behaviour corrections. We offer 20 min, half hour and 45min walks before 10am and after 3pm daily.

Here are some of the Smooshie Face Crew!  

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  1. Wow smooshie faces are a lifesaver !
    We were faced with a huge dilemma when our dog and our flights were changed!

    2 days before Christmas and at 7:30pm smooshie faces came to the rescue! Nothing was to big of an ask and prices were extremely reasonable!

    Thank you for saving our Christmas and ensuring is or our dog did not miss his flight and we still made our flight!

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